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The Faces of Forever Angels


Our year-end fundraiser for 2015 celebrates the profound impact that the Forever Angels Baby Home in Tanzania has had on the lives of those it has touched. It is a charity whose life-changing reach goes beyond the children whose mission it is to nurture.

Since it’s inception nine years ago the Baby Home has cared for over 250 vulnerable children. These little ones’ lives are the beating pulse of Forever Angels. But as we bring 2015 to a close we pause to reflect not just on these children but on The Faces of Forever Angels - those countless individuals who have made a profound difference for the children of the Baby Home and whose own lives in turn have been indelibly altered.

Throughout the month of December we will bring you stories of compassion, skill, devotion, and success. Join us as we celebrate staff, community members, families, volunteers and donors, each of whom make up the fabric of a project that has nourished so many and, with our financial support, can continue to do so.

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A Fluttering of Wings

Thanks to unrelenting focus, effort and generosity, huge success has been had since 1990 in reducing child mortality rates. Furthermore, the proportion of people living in extreme poverty has taken an impressive nose dive. These successes should be acknowledged as a critical step forward for humanity.

But we cannot take our sights off the work still left to be done.


1 in 9 children still die before the age of five in sub-saharan Africa.


This not a statistic to grow numb to. Each of those 16,000 children is someone's darling, is a family's blood line, is a little bundle of hope.

Save the Children suggests that an increase in health expenditure by just $5 per person per year could prevent 147 million child deaths and 32 million stillbirths.
— BBC News February 25, 2014

$5 x 7.3 billion people = roughly $36 billion dollars. Spreading this cost between governmental and non-governmental entities across nations clearly isn't going to happen anytime soon.

Now let's take Tanzania, home to our beloved Baby Home. 

$5 x 50 million people = $250,000,000. Less absurd than the fiscal requirement to save an entire world of babies but, unless you're a developing country, even this amount is still comical.

But imagine if the U.S.A. took on Tanzania. A mere $0.80 donated per year per person would make a substantive difference in the health of scores of vulnerable Tanzanian babies. $0.80 per person, per year. I spend $5 almost every morning on a Starbucks latte and an over priced yogurt because of my inability to put together my own breakfast in the face of my two children's incessant morning demands. That's roughly $1800 a year on unreasonably priced caffeine.

We've all heard this sort of reasoning before. Many of us are beyond being moved by it. We're jaded, perplexed, concerned, and sad. The state of the world, the injustice of the birth lottery and the financial inequities of our markets are not going to be fixed by my skipping out on a latte here and there, I say to myself protectively. When would the giving be enough? What would it take to change the tides for good? So what if the U.S.A. took on Tanzania...which of the other financially secure nations would take on all those nations in the hot red zones of the map above? Is the very underpinning ethos behind charitable giving even the answer?

Charitable giving is complex. No doubt. But it's worth taking a pause each and every day to reflect on our world's very uneven balance - a balance that could shift with a massive fluttering of support from humanity, for humanity. In essence, the 'butterfly effect' but with butterfly wings dusted with $5 bills. 

In a climate of exciting progress but endlessly more left to do, I have to believe in the change that can come from all of us fluttering our wings for the greater good. Join me.

It's not enough just to survive...

Survival is, of course, pretty essential to living. So survival IS indeed enough...literally.

But we all know that while staying in the game of life at least allows one to keep playing for a win, for a success, for some hope...it really isn't enough without some of the lovelier aspects of humanity padding one's survival course.

Hands down, children need love. Pure, honest, unfettered love. They need it as much as shelter over their little bodies and food in their bellies. Love is magnetic. It cavorts with that fabulous creature 'stimulation' - key as small brains expand and thrive. It walks hand in hand with 'nuture' - that element in life we all need to be wrapped up by as we traverse the uncertain and rocky road of childhood. 

I asked Amy Hathaway, founder of the Forever Angels Baby Home, what is the thing that makes the Baby Home not just any old orphanage. She answered illuminating the word LOVE.

So many care homes and orphanages exist and give the very basic needs to the children - food and water and shelter. But love and education and stimulation are missing. Many staff in other orphanages go to work because it is their job - but our staff really love the children. They cry when they leave; they ask to take them home for the weekend - they value them as little people and want the best for them.
— Amy Hathaway, August 14, 2015

My daughter has new yellow pajamas that read "All You Need Is Love". Old Navy, naturally. Trendy yet charming. And while I do think she needs carrots, bread and milk as well as a warm room during frigid winters I dare say that without the love she gets at home she wouldn't be transforming each and every day into a person I believe will bring goodness into our very challenged, challenging world. 

The babes at Forever Angels in Mwanza get love. Each and every day. Through thick and thin. Right alongside their bottles of formula and their mushy toddler food and their nappies, as my British counterparts call them. Their access to this potent dimension of humanity is as important as my daughter, your daughter and my neighbor's daughter getting love. 

Love is hard to quantify. It's hard to factor into annual reports and analyze with concrete data. The results of love are easier to pin down. But raw love is something that should be funded. So it can affect change and spread like wildfire.

$500 raised in Rozzie.

Forever Angels USA set out to raise money in June for the operational costs of the Forever Angels Baby Home through the hosting of charity yard sales. A yardsale can be so very easy and the funds raised put to such good use. There are good homes waiting for all those things we just don't need or want any longer. And even a wee bit of $ received in exchange for these treasures can go so far in Mwanza.

One successful yardsale was held in Roslindale, Massachusetts on June 6th, 2015. The theme was "Baby Goods for a Baby Home" including all manner of baby, kid and maternity items. 

Generous individuals from the neighborhoods of Roslindale, West Roxbury and Jamaica Plain donated goods to sell and come the day of the yard sale a plethora of goods were available to buy! The yardsale was held in the backyard of a Board Member, up the street from the neighborhood "village green" which was hosting the first Farmers Market of the season. People came, people shopped and people donated extra cash. A lot of it.

Thank you to all. We are so very grateful.