The Faces of Forever Angels


Our year-end fundraiser for 2015 celebrates the profound impact that the Forever Angels Baby Home in Tanzania has had on the lives of those it has touched. It is a charity whose life-changing reach goes beyond the children whose mission it is to nurture.

Since it’s inception nine years ago the Baby Home has cared for over 250 vulnerable children. These little ones’ lives are the beating pulse of Forever Angels. But as we bring 2015 to a close we pause to reflect not just on these children but on The Faces of Forever Angels - those countless individuals who have made a profound difference for the children of the Baby Home and whose own lives in turn have been indelibly altered.

Throughout the month of December we will bring you stories of compassion, skill, devotion, and success. Join us as we celebrate staff, community members, families, volunteers and donors, each of whom make up the fabric of a project that has nourished so many and, with our financial support, can continue to do so.

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