$500 raised in Rozzie.

Forever Angels USA set out to raise money in June for the operational costs of the Forever Angels Baby Home through the hosting of charity yard sales. A yardsale can be so very easy and the funds raised put to such good use. There are good homes waiting for all those things we just don't need or want any longer. And even a wee bit of $ received in exchange for these treasures can go so far in Mwanza.

One successful yardsale was held in Roslindale, Massachusetts on June 6th, 2015. The theme was "Baby Goods for a Baby Home" including all manner of baby, kid and maternity items. 

Generous individuals from the neighborhoods of Roslindale, West Roxbury and Jamaica Plain donated goods to sell and come the day of the yard sale a plethora of goods were available to buy! The yardsale was held in the backyard of a Board Member, up the street from the neighborhood "village green" which was hosting the first Farmers Market of the season. People came, people shopped and people donated extra cash. A lot of it.

Thank you to all. We are so very grateful.