It's not enough just to survive...

Survival is, of course, pretty essential to living. So survival IS indeed enough...literally.

But we all know that while staying in the game of life at least allows one to keep playing for a win, for a success, for some really isn't enough without some of the lovelier aspects of humanity padding one's survival course.

Hands down, children need love. Pure, honest, unfettered love. They need it as much as shelter over their little bodies and food in their bellies. Love is magnetic. It cavorts with that fabulous creature 'stimulation' - key as small brains expand and thrive. It walks hand in hand with 'nuture' - that element in life we all need to be wrapped up by as we traverse the uncertain and rocky road of childhood. 

I asked Amy Hathaway, founder of the Forever Angels Baby Home, what is the thing that makes the Baby Home not just any old orphanage. She answered illuminating the word LOVE.

So many care homes and orphanages exist and give the very basic needs to the children - food and water and shelter. But love and education and stimulation are missing. Many staff in other orphanages go to work because it is their job - but our staff really love the children. They cry when they leave; they ask to take them home for the weekend - they value them as little people and want the best for them.
— Amy Hathaway, August 14, 2015

My daughter has new yellow pajamas that read "All You Need Is Love". Old Navy, naturally. Trendy yet charming. And while I do think she needs carrots, bread and milk as well as a warm room during frigid winters I dare say that without the love she gets at home she wouldn't be transforming each and every day into a person I believe will bring goodness into our very challenged, challenging world. 

The babes at Forever Angels in Mwanza get love. Each and every day. Through thick and thin. Right alongside their bottles of formula and their mushy toddler food and their nappies, as my British counterparts call them. Their access to this potent dimension of humanity is as important as my daughter, your daughter and my neighbor's daughter getting love. 

Love is hard to quantify. It's hard to factor into annual reports and analyze with concrete data. The results of love are easier to pin down. But raw love is something that should be funded. So it can affect change and spread like wildfire.