Our Board of Directors


The majority of our board members have been to Tanzania and have seen first hand the powerful ripple effect that a grassroots, community centered organization like Forever Angels is having on its local community. We wish we could be on the ground helping day to day. But we know the staff there are not only dedicated and skilled but that by us not being there we are ensuring that 100% of the home's jobs are going to Tanzanians, who can then afford to send their own kids to school and ensure they are thriving themselves - as families and community members. We're game to instead back the projects with heart, soul and funds. 


Jeanne McCarthy served on the Board of Directors for 3 years, stepping down in the spring of 2016. As a repeat volunteer at the Baby Home and endlessly enthusiastic cheerleader for the mission, we were so fortunate to have her inspiration and good will helping lead our work. 

Caroline Lindsley served on the Board of Directors also for 3 years, stepping down in February of 2017. Africa is dear to her heart and she was honored to be able to support the efforts of this grassroots organization with her energy and pension for design & detail. 

Huge thanks to Amber Wilson, Founding Board Member, for letting FA USA use her incredible photographs, all taken during her years in Mwanza.