Declared "Best Orphanage" in Tanzania

by the Social Welfare Commissioner of Tanzania, 2012


The babies and children that arrive at the Forever Angels Baby Home are the countries most desperate and vulnerable. They are sometimes starving or found in ditches. At Forever Angels they are given nourishing food, life saving medications, medical care, a loving home and a start at early education from the second they are brought through the doors.

In 2006 Amy Hathaway, a British Citizen who had been living in Tanzania working as a teacher, opened the doors of the Forever Angels Baby Home in Mwanza, Tanzania. Through the process of adopting their first of five Tanzanian children, Amy and her husband identified the need for a specialist care home for the youngest and most vulnerable orphaned and abandoned children in the region. Amy set out to build a nurturing, safe and loving environment for these babies and young children that could serve as an interim home. Amy founded, lived and worked at the Baby Home for 8 years as the volunteer project director. In the summer of 2014 she moved home to the UK, leaving the Baby Home in the capable and compassionate hands of the all-Tanzanian staff.

The Forever Angels staff believe that the best places to raise children are within families and they do everything in their power to find such a family for each child in their care. Forever Angels works tirelessly with families, supporting them as they get back on their feet, set up a business, maintain their relationship with their child and, when they are ready, take their child back into their family home. When there is no known family the children are available for adoption through the Tanzanian Social Welfare system or transferred to a specialist orphanage for older children. 

To date the Baby Home has cared for 220 children and reunited 80% of them with their families. 

The Baby Home is proud that the care they provide has not gone unnoticed by the local authorities. The Baby Home is now the first choice referral site for at risk babies and infants by the main government hospital, Baylor HIV Clinic, Social Welfare and the police. This allows the Baby Home to forge ongoing relationships with these authorities and provide life saving care to these vulnerable children in a shorter time frame.

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